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Appian announces Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution

Appian announces Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution

Appian has announced Appian RPA, expanding the company’s low-code Automation Platform with the ability to deploy cloud-native Appian software robots within an integrated ‘automation stack’.

According to the company, Appian automation combines AI, Robotic Process Automation, workflow, decision rules and case management with low-code. Appian RPA offers Full-Stack Automation, which means effective workflow management; this includes manpower, software robots (bots) and AI. Appian RPA is part of the Appian automation stack and should combine the power of people, bots and AI across business processes. This enables centralised management of all business automation technologies on a single platform.

Furthermore, Appian RPA uses governance from the Appian platform to centrally manage, monitor and deploy bots across the entire organisation on a larger scale and with better performance. Appian aims to support an Automation Center of Excellence by collecting and prioritising automation requests from across an enterprise. The solution works on Appian Cloud: according to Appian, cloud-native RPA simplifies accessibility and adoption throughout the enterprise. There is also the flexibility to work with Windows or Linux, which gives organisations the ability to minimise the cost of using an automated workforce.

RPA features

Specifically, there are RPA functions such as intelligent image recognition of objects on a screen, reducing errors in bone actions. Bots can also be deployed on a scheduled basis for common back-end processes or can be called up by business users when required for customer-focused interactions. There are also RPA audit trails that show screenshots of robot actions for monitoring and reporting.