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AWS makes Migration Acceleration Program for Windows available

AWS makes Migration Acceleration Program for Windows available

AWS has now made their Migration Acceleration Program for Windows (MAP for Windows) service generally available. This makes it even easier for customers to migrate Windows workloads to the public cloud platform.

The service is now publicly available, which was previously previewed during AWS re: Invent, presented at the end of last year, should enable large migrations of Windows workloads to AWS.

In addition to workload migration, the service also offers solutions such as step-by-step manuals, consultation with AWS experts and tools, training and service credits to reduce problems and risks when migrating to the public cloud environment.

In addition, the service should help customers reduce licensing costs by moving to cloud-native and open-source technologies. In this way, MAP for Windows can help customers transition their current and legacy versions of Windows Server and SQL Server to cheaper cloud-based solutions such as SQL Server running on Linux, Amazon Aurora, container services and AWS Lambda.

Three-step model

In concrete terms, the latter works with a three-step model. The first step involves an assessment of the workloads to determine whether they are suitable and ready for the migration. During the second step, the ‘mobilisation phase’, the problems encountered during the assessment are solved.

In the third phase, the actual migration of the workloads is carried out, using Amazon’s ProServe team and partners from the Amazon Partner Network.

Source: AWS

Great expectations

Amazon expects a lot of the service, because, based on IDC’s market experts, there are up to twice as many Windows Server instances running on AWS than on Microsoft’s own cloud platform, Microsoft Azure.