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Bootstrap ends support to Internet Explorer v10 and v11

Bootstrap ends support to Internet Explorer v10 and v11

Bootstrap, a UI framework for developing websites and business and mobile applications, does no longer support the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)10 and 11 browsers. This makes it the first web development facilitator to take this step.

Bootstrap’s decision is an important one. The open-source UI framework for web and application development currently supports about 20.4 percent of all global internet sites. These are no less than 20 million websites.

Bootstrap is an open-source UI framework that combines different widgets for NTML, CSS and JavaScript UI. Developers can then use this ‘starter package’ to build websites as well as business and mobile applications. The framework is very popular among developers because of its ease of use, good documentation and especially the cross-browser support.

Less use of IE 10 and 11

In a statement on GitHub, the web development specialist now states that if end users still want to support IE 10 and 11, they should continue to use the current version of Bootstrap v4. The soon-to-be-launched v5 version no longer supports this version of Microsoft‘s old browser.

The declining use of these browser versions is probably the main reason for the removal of support. IE 10 is used by less than 1 percent of all Internet users and IE 11 by between 1 and 2 percent of users. The web UI framework specialist is ahead of its competitors. For example, the most popular JavaScript library jQuery even supports IE 9 browser.


The removal of support for IE by Bootstrap will also have other consequences. Because the framework is the basis for other tools for web development, intranet environments and business solutions, those that upgrade to Bootstrap v5 will also automatically lose IE support.

Competitors will also take a more critical look at supporting IE. For example, the well-known CMS WordPress intends to pay less attention to end users with IE. In the coming versions the support for IE will also be slowly phased out. WordPress will still work in IE, but not with all functionality, it is expected.

Microsoft maintains IE

When it comes to IP itself, the end is not really in sight. Microsoft indicates to support IE 11 until the end of the life of Windows 10. This despite the fact that Edge is now the standard browser of the tech giant. IE is only supported because of commercial agreements with large business customers. However, it is clear that IE will come to an end at some point.