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Microsoft announced that Bot Framework Virtual Assistant 1.0 is now available. In addition, the tech giant announces further plans regarding bots. These expansions occur after Microsoft claimed a few years ago that it would work on more bot services.

Microsoft divides its bot services into two different categories. The first service is the Azure Bot Service, which allows customers to develop bots at enterprise level. Microsoft Bot Framework is designed to enable users to develop custom bots, which can be integrated with other services.

New functionalities have been added to the bot service, allowing users to deploy bots more widely. For example, the bot can now convert to-do commands into calendar appointments.

In addition, Microsoft has released the Composer designer tool. With this tool, users can configure bots without having to program them themselves. This software is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Integration possibilities

Microsoft is committed to connecting the bot service with other services. The Bot Framework can also be connected to the virtual assistant Alexa, which ensures that Alexa can be deployed in a more specialised way.

Work has also been done on an improved connection with other Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Teams. These new features are available with the rollout of the Bot Framework Software Development Kit version 4.9.