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Microsoft and Citrix have renewed their existing collaboration. Within this renewed cooperation, both partners will develop collaborative solutions for the unified workplace.

The companies have been working together for more than twenty years, but have now reconfirmed their collaboration. Within this reconfirmation, Microsoft and Citrix have agreed to develop roadmaps for joint solutions.

Improvements Azure and Virtual Desktop

The solutions should make it easier for customers to bring application workloads to Microsoft Azure and improve the performance of Microsoft Virtual Desktop. By combining Windows Virtual Desktop with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, customers will be able to run all of their applications on Azure and access all of their Windows applications from any device or platform.

Dedicated Workspace Environment

Citrix will also develop a Microsoft-focused Citrix Workspace environment. This solution should provide more integration capabilities to improve performance, functionality and micro-apps for Microsoft applications. Think of Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams.

Citrix will also use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 for its own processes. This in order to achieve even more innovation and increase its own productivity. Citrix Workspace is now also available on Microsoft Azure.

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