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Google announced that they are making available, a new cloud service in private alpha that will allow customers to analyse data from several public clouds without moving it first. The service is named BigQuery Omni and brings Google’s BigQuery data warehouse and analytics tool to other cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

BigQuery from Google is a popular tool that gives users the ability to perform Structured Query Language (SQL) queries rapidly and interactively analyze massive sets of data. The tool is quite powerful, but it was only used on data stored in Google Cloud.

BigQuery for everyone

For other users who are not on Google Cloud, BigQuery was the thing they wanted but couldn’t have. It’s not just users of other cloud platforms but users who subscribe to multiple cloud platforms. Moving among different clouds can be expensive and complicated. 

BIgQuery Omni is the answer to these problems. Competitors in the cloud space, require you to copy or move data from one cloud to another so you can query it. However, this new tool will enable you to query Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure without having to copy or move anything. You can run BigQuery Omni in the other clouds.

It just got easier

BigQuery is powered by Google Anthos, a hybrid and multi-cloud app platform that allows for consistency in development and operations for on-premise and cloud environments. They are using the same technology to power the new Center of Excellence they just launched for Independent Software Vendors.

The service offered here by BigQuery is possible because the tool separated computing and storage. It is called decoupling, which allows the tool to perform standard SQL queries on the data in the storage you are targeting.

Now, customers can have unlimited flexibility when doing data analytics on data across separate and different cloud platforms.

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