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Google Firebase development platform gets more security and analytics

Google Firebase development platform gets more security and analytics

Google has added new functionality to its application development platform Firebase. Important new features include an emulator, improved security and payment capabilities for applications, machine learning and analytics.

The Firebase platform allows developers to develop and build different types of applications, such as Android, iOS, and web applications. In addition, the platform offers various tools and capabilities for tracking analytics, report generation and debugging. The platform also allows developers to conduct marketing and product experiments.


Google wants to make developers more productive with the updates, which includes adding a local user interface emulator in beta.

The tool, part of the Firebase Emulator Suite, helps developers run emulated versions of Google’s back-end products to help them develop applications. The local user interface (UI) provides them with a visual tool to run Google services via a web application with a distinctive UI on their local device. This way, according to Google, they are able to write and test code in a secure sandbox environment.

Ultimately, this should lead to more productivity within development teams. The tool should also make it easier to add new developers to the development process. With a few simple commands, the tool generates local instances of the Firebase services in only a few minutes.

Security update

The newly released updates also give the Firebase platform even more capabilities for writing, debugging and monitoring security rules. For example, the Sign in with Apple feature has now been added in a beta version. This helps developers authenticate users of iPhones and iPads via their Apple ID to provide more personalized app experiences.

More payment options

Another update of the Firebase platform makes it easier to add various payment systems to their applications. This is due to further integration with tools of the online payment processor Stripe. The integration consists of two extensions or pre-packaged bundles of code that automate common tasks within applications.

With the Send Invoices with Stripe extension, application developers can create and send programmed invoices via the Stripe payment platform. Run Subscription Payments allows developers with Stripe to send and sync subscriptions for Stripe users. They can also use the tool to control access to subscription content using the Firebase Authentication service.

Other added functionality

Other functionality added to the Firebase platform includes the new ML Model Management application programming interface that was previously added to Firebase. This gives developers new machine learning capabilities for their applications.