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The launch of Android 11 is looming over the horizon, and recently, Google released the third and final beta of the mobile operating system, before it becomes available for everyone. Google delayed the beta version of the program by a month because of delays caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Android 11 had already achieved platform stability with the second beta version, most of the latest changes for this last update were minor fixes and optimizing efforts.

According to Google, the beta aims to help developers put the finishing touches on their applications in preparation for Android 11. That includes the official API 30 SDK and the tools designed for Android Studio.

The new Exposures Notification System

There is only one major update in the final beta. The update is an Exposure Notification System, a contact-tracing API that users can deploy without turning on their mobile devices’ location. 

The Exposure Notification is the only exception in this regard. Most of the other Android apps will ask for location settings to be turned on and for user permission before accessing them. To run the Bluetooth scanning that Google is using for this API, the settings for other apps remain the same. 

Not many surprises

There are no new additions except for the contact-tracing system. The preview cycle for Android 11 has taken quite some time. Usually, even without the pandemic’s month-long delay, the final version should have been released already.

The waiting time is because Google wants developers to make their apps optimized for this new version, including some significant changes.

If you would like, you can access the latest beta over the air. It is part of the Android Beta program and is available for Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4, and in the coming weeks will be available for 4a users.