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Google has updated its Google Maps, and the app is now more reliable than ever. The maps are more accurate, and a user can distinguish the features of specific locations. You will no longer have to deal with inaccurate features.

The update has cleared some quirks that were present before. There is a remarkable improvement in the colors of particular locations and their subsequent markings. People can now navigate the globe with ease, knowing that what is indicated on the map is what they will find.

Environments now appear as they seem in real life. Parks appear greener, mountain peaks covered with snow will appear white, and beige will mark the deserts. The quality of the features on the maps will be close to the one you usually see in satellite images.

The accuracy is uncanny

Google said they are using a new colour-mapping algorithm for their satellite imagery to build the update. The algorithm helped them to make the features on the map, and the landscape look real.

Take the landscape of Iceland, for instance. Most parts of the country are green, but the previous maps do not reflect that.

The new update, however, brings out the natural green appearance, and even the small regions that are slightly arid are painted beige, implying that even the maps on a smaller scale are more accurate.

More updates to come

Users can also expect Google to roll out further updates on layouts, including streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, and pedestrian islands. The layouts will be more detailed for travelers who are unfamiliar with locations they’re in.  

Those with accessibility requirements will find the maps more user friendly too.

This update will be made available for users in New York, San Francisco, and London with more cities to follow. It’s just a matter of months before all users can start enjoying these improved features.