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Suse also contributes EiriniX to Cloud Foundry Foundation

Suse also contributes EiriniX to Cloud Foundry Foundation

Suse had announced that they contributed EiriniX to the Cloud Foundry Foundation. As an extension to KubeCF what was already contributed a year ago.

EiriniX is a framework for building extensions for Eirini, Eirini is a technology that enables Kubernetes based container orchestration to the Cloud Foundry Platform-as-a-service project.

A year ago Suse donated KubeCF to the Cloud Foundry Foundation, which allowed the Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (the core of Cloud Foundry) to run on Kubernetes.

“At Suse we are developing upstream first as much as possible,” said Thomas Di Giacomo, president of Engineering and Innovation at Suse. “After experiencing the value of contributing KubeCF to the Foundation earlier this year, we decided it would be beneficial to both the Cloud Foundry community and the EiriniX team to do it again. We have seen an uptick in contributions to and usage of KubeCF since it became a Foundation project, indicating that more organizations are investing developer time into the upstream. Contributing EiriniX to the Foundation is a surefire way to get the broader community involved.”

A year ago, Suse did the first demonstration with EiriniX. The tool enables features like SSH-access into a container for debugging. It can also enable alternative logging solutions.

For developers its easier to use EiriniX now its parts of the foundation. They can take full advantage of the libraries and add-ons that Eirini has to offer. The expectation is that it will enable a lot of new use cases.

Tip: Cloud Foundry is navigating wild waters