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SUSE released a new service pack for its open-source platform SUSE Linux Enterprise 15. SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP2 should help users to simplify and modernize their IT environments. Furthermore, infrastructure management tool SUSE Manager with version 4.1 has also received a new release.

SUSE recently released a major upgrade to its software-defined infrastructure and application tools for migration to and from (multi)cloud environments. This in order to make it easier for companies to simplify their IT environments, modernise their infrastructure and accelerate innovation with more DevOps capabilities.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 ServicePack 2

One of the components of the upgrade is the arrival of a ServicePack2 (SP2) for flagship SUSE Linux Enterprise 15. With the arrival of SUSE Enterprise Linux 15 SP2, companies can now benefit from the services of the various major public cloud providers through improved cloud images. These images are available for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Improvements have also been made for the use of SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 in on-premises environments. With SP2, the platform has up to double the scalability for computing power. This is achieved by running the enterprise Linux platform with the latest hardware, such as the Fujitsu A64FX processors, the latest generation Intel processors and next-gen AMD EPYC processors.

More DevOPS and business continuity

The DevOps options have also been expanded to include support for automation, project builds and various messaging middleware. Other improvements in this area include management and monitoring functionality.

Furthermore, Service Pack 2 of SUSE Linux Enterprise ensures that companies further improve their business continuity. Customers can now secure the uptime of their systems for up to a year with SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching. This is now also available for IBM Z and LinuxOne.

Updates SUSE Manager and Manager for Retail

In addition to SP2 for SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, the open-source specialist has updated its infrastructure management tool SUSE Manager and the version for retail environments SUSE Manager for Retail. Version 4.1 includes functionality to support multiple operating systems, cluster integration and management, improved usability, management capabilities for virtual machines and functionality for monitoring.

The Retail version includes extensive support for usage in small retail environments, image management via wifi, as well as management capabilities for virtual machines and functionality for monitoring.

The various updates are available immediately.