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Microsoft launches TypeScript 4.0 for JavaScript applications

Microsoft launches TypeScript 4.0 for JavaScript applications

Microsoft has recently released version 4.0 of TypeScript. This version of the programming language for large JavaScript-based applications introduces several significant features for developers.

The release of TypeScript 4.0 is the combination of work on this programming language since the release of version 3.0 two years ago. The main improvements include a better experience with editors such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code, improved error messages and improved refactoring capabilities.

In addition, much attention has been given to improved performance and scalability. The main reason for this is that developers are increasingly focusing on building large applications in JavaScript. As a result, they want faster performance even when they have thousands of lines of code.

Start-up processes

One of the new features should prevent slow start-up processes in larger projects. These slow start-up processes are often the result of ‘project loading’ in which many dependencies are solved.

To speed up the startup process, the latest version of TypeScript now provides developers with a partial editing mode at startup. In this mode, code specialists use a light server that only looks at the files the editor is currently viewing. TypeScript 4.0 expands the functionality of the server with functionality for semantic operations instead of only synthetic operations which used to be the case when using this server.

Although this reduces the overall data, the available data using this technique is sufficient to handle basic lines of code when an editor first boots up, according to Microsoft. In this way, the response time is greatly increased, and slow startup processes are a thing of the past.

Smarter Auto-Imports

Another improvement to TypeScript 4.0 includes smarter Auto-Imports. These should help when the auto-import functionality is not working as it should and thus compromises the development time of JavaScript applications.