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Amazon S3 Storage Lens delivers storage cost optimization

Amazon S3 Storage Lens delivers storage cost optimization

Interactive dashboards provide organization-wide visibility to improve efficiency.

Amazon announced this week that AWS customers will have access to a new feature that improves visibility into object storage. Amazon S3 Storage Lens delivers insights that can help them to discover anomalies and identify cost efficiencies.

S3 Storage Lens is a “cloud storage analytics solution,” according to AWS. It provides organization-wide visibility into object storage usage and activity. The feature also makes actionable recommendations to improve cost-efficiency and data protection compliance.

S3 Storage Lens is the first cloud storage analytics solution to provide a single view of object storage usage and activity across hundreds, or even thousands, of accounts in an organization, according to AWS. The lens offers drill-downs to generate insights at the account, bucket, or even prefix level.

Meeting a need for customers whose Cloud activity is growing fast

In a blog post this week, Amazon Principal Developer Advocate Martin Beeby introduced the new offering. “When starting out in the cloud, a customer’s storage requirements might consist of a handful of S3 buckets,” he explains. “But as they grow, migrate more applications and realize the power of the cloud, things can become more complicated.

“Drawing from more than 14 years of experience helping customers optimize their storage, S3 Storage Lens analyzes organization-wide metrics to deliver contextual recommendations to find ways to reduce storage costs and apply best practices on data protection.”

Interactive dashboards provide visibility through a “single pane of glass”

AWS claims that Amazon S3 can store large shared data sets across tens to hundreds of accounts and buckets, multiple regions, and thousands of prefixes. With S3 Storage Lens, customers can easily understand, analyze, and optimize storage. This is accomplished through interactive dashboards to aggregate data for their entire organization, specific accounts, regions, or buckets.

The feature offers more than 30 individual metrics on S3 storage usage and activity for all accounts in a customer’s organization. These metrics are available in the S3 console to visualize storage usage and activity trends in a dashboard. The dashboards then give contextual recommendations that make it easy to take immediate action. 

The product is available in all commercial AWS Regions. Customers can use S3 Storage Lens with the Amazon S3 API, CLI, or in the S3 Console, according to Amazon.