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AWS rolls out expanded cloud compute offering

AWS rolls out expanded cloud compute offering

New service palette includes new EC2 instances and Outposts edge appliances.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) this week extended both the scope and the reach of its industry leading cloud computing services. The company announced five new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances and two new AWS Outposts form factors.

These new solutions extend AWS’s portfolio of compute offerings in the cloud. AWS already claims to have more compute instance types than any other cloud provider. Their offering includes instances based on processors from Intel, cost-optimized instances with AMD processors.

AWS rolls out five new EC2 instances

The new instances include AWS Graviton2-powered, Arm-based C6gn instances. These deliver 100 Gbps networking performance (4x higher than C6g) and 38 Gbps EBS bandwidth (2x higher than C6g). This makes them ideal for compute-intensive workloads, says Amazon.

In addition, AWS customers can use new G4dn instances powered by NVIDIA GPUs and custom Intel CPUs for graphics-intensive applications. The new G4ad instances feature the latest AMD Radeon Pro V520 GPUs and 2nd generation AMD EPYC processors. They offer up to 2.4 TB of local NVMe storage, according to AWS.

The company has also announced new M5zn instances that feature very high single-threaded performance from Intel Xeon Scalable (Cascade Lake) processors.

New AWS D3/D3en storage-optimized instances are next-generation storage-optimized instances powered by Intel. They deliver the highest capacity HDD instance storage in the cloud, according to Amazon.

AWS R5b memory-optimized instances round out the new EC2 offering. These memory-optimized instances are enhanced for Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS). They deliver up to 60 Gbps of bandwidth and 260,000 IOPS of instance-to-EBS performance, according to AWS.

Introducing: smaller AWS Outposts form factors

Two new smaller AWS Outposts form factors will allow customers to bring the AWS services to space-constrained locations. Such locations could include branch offices, factories, hospitals, cell towers, or retail stores.

AWS Outposts will now be available in two new smaller form factors. These include a 1U and a 2U version. These versions require significantly less power and network connectivity than the full 42-rack unit AWS Outposts.

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