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Microsoft’s foldable Surface Duo device prices have been reduced to $999 and will be launching in Canada and Europe next week. The Surface Duo will be available to buyers in Germany, France, the UK, and Canada on February 18th.

This will be the first time the dual-screen Surface Duo has been available outside the US. No businesses or consumers outside the country have been able to get their hands on one.

The gadget is priced from £1,349 in the UK and can be bought from the Microsoft Store in the UK and the retailer Curry PC World.

The international release is here

The Surface Duo will be launching in Germany, Canada, and France on February 18th. In Germany, the device will be priced at 1,549 euros. Microsoft launched the Surface Duo in the United States in September last year.

It has been five months since then and only now have we gotten the international release.

The massive $400 price drop makes the device affordable. However, in a review by the Verge in 2020, the critics praised the hardware. However, they were not happy with how buggy the modified version of Android made the device difficult to use sometimes.

Still some way to go

The device was also lacking in many non-Microsoft apps that took advantage of the dual screens. TikTok, the popular video share app, was one of the biggest third-party apps that got updated, just for the Surface Duo last year.

However, there are still not enough apps to take advantage of the special hardware.

Even though Microsoft had promised to deliver updates every month for the Surface Duo, they failed to do so in December. The device has potential but remains shackled by a shoddy software experience.