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Atlassian, known for its Jira support desk software, has announced the acquisition of Chartio. Atlassian wants to integrate Chartio’s services into its own products.

Chartio is still a rather small company, writes SiliconANGLE. The company has only raised around 7 million dollars (5.8 million euros) in investments in the past ten years. Yet, the company claims that 280,000 people have already used its platform to create 10.5 million charts.

Company data in charts

The charts in question show company data, such as quarterly figures. Chartio’s software runs in the cloud and integrates with companies’ existing software. Based on that, Chartio can create pie charts, maps, bar graphs and other visualisations.

Integration with Atlassian software

Atlassian sees opportunities to incorporate this knowledge in data insights into its own software. In a blog post, the company says Chartio will help provide data visualisations with various Atlassian products. Atlassian says its goal is to offer customers more than standard reports and analyses fully customized to organisations’ needs.

“Chartio was created to make working with data accessible to anyone,” said Dave Fowler, Chartio’s Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to be joining Atlassian and amplify our missions with such an incredible platform, company, and customer base.”

Exactly how Atlassian plans to incorporate Chartio’s services into its products is not yet entirely clear, but presumably more information will become available over time. Atlassian did not disclose how much it paid for the acquisition.


Atlassian is best known for its Jira software. This software is very popular as support software. Atlassian is also the owner of the project tool Trello.

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