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According to a post by Amanda Silver, the CVP of Product in Microsoft’s Developer Division, Visual Studio 2022’s first public preview will be released this summer and will become 64-bit. The next major release of Visual Studio will be faster, lightweight, and easier to use, according to the post.

She continued to say that the next major release is designed for both learners and those looking to build industrial-scale solutions.

For the first time since it was released, Visual Studio will be in 64-bit. The user experience will no doubt be improved and be more action-oriented.

What it means to be 64-bit

Visual Studio 2022 being 64-bit means that it will not be limited to 4GB of memory in the main devenv.exe process. Now, users will be able to open, run and debug even the biggest and most complex solutions, without running out of memory.

Going 64-bit doesn’t mean you cannot use it to build 32-bit apps, it just means that users will no longer be too limited. Silver added that Microsoft is working on making every part of the workflow perform better and more efficiently, encompassing everything from loading solutions to F5 debugging.

A design for all

Silver reports that the team behind Visual Studio is refreshing the interface to help people enjoy better aesthetics and arrangements. Some of the changes are cosmetic, to modernize the UI and reduce crowding.

Overall, the team plans to reduce the complexity and make the learning curve less steep for new users. Even frequent users will find that the screen isn’t ‘too busy, so users can focus.

There is a lot more the team has changed or plans to tweak. To find out more about Visual Studio 2022, check out the original blog post.

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