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JetBrains announces managed CI/CD solution: TeamCity Cloud

JetBrains announces managed CI/CD solution: TeamCity Cloud

The new software-as-a-service aims to help DevOps teams streamline continuous integration and continuous delivery.

JetBrains announced this week the launch of TeamCity Cloud. The solution helps DevOps teams during the build, test and deployment phases of software, according to the company.

TeamCity Cloud does this by making it easier to automate routine developer tasks. The company says it also provides tools to configure, monitor and optimize the release process.

JetBrains is a Prague-based software vendor specializing in the creation of productivity-enhancing tools for software developers and teams. Their TeamCity platform is a general-purpose CI/CD solution that allows flexibility for all sorts of workflows and development practices, according to the company. It’s designed to integrate multiple version control systems into a single build pipeline. That allows a single TeamCity instance to maintain visibility for DevOps pipelines across an entire organization.

TeamCity has specialized views for every member of DevOps teams including developers, engineers, testers, managers and administrators. In addition, its interfaces and back ends are designed to integrate the tools needed to hook in and automate the tasks needed to alert the people who need to know.

The solution can then push forward or pull back issues in the pipeline in the CI/CD lifecycle in order to keep the project flowing.

The company detailed the new Cloud-based TeamCity offering on their website this week. “Built to meet the needs of today’s software teams, TeamCity Cloud applies all of JetBrains’ hard earned knowledge about the best development practices to continuous integration,” they write.

TeamCity Cloud lets developers set up sophisticated pipelines using Kotlin. They can also speed up their work in a few clicks using the intuitive user interface. They receive instant notifications about build results directly in their IDE. This helps them determine whether their code will break the build without committing it, according to JetBrains.

The company maintains a fleet of Windows and Linux build agents, they say. This allows developers to build all sorts of apps, packages, and containers using TeamCity Cloud.

“We believe that TeamCity Cloud will bring the power and the deep expertise of the on-premises TeamCity to the cloud CI/CD market, allowing the companies of all sizes to orchestrate and streamline their DevOps pipelines,” said JetBrains Chief Executive Max Shafirov.