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JetBrains is launching a CI/CD solution that addresses the needs of small and medium-sized engineering teams. The company already had an offering for enterprises with TeamCity Enterprise, which is now being complemented by TeamCity Pipelines.

JetBrains is launching TeamCity Pipelines, a cloud-based CI/CD solution. The offering is tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized engineering teams. These profiles can deploy the solution for a variety of programming tasks. These range from making changes to the code to launching the application.

Simplicity and automation

The emphasis of the offering is on simplicity. The company made a conscious decision to integrate fewer features into the solution. This is because smaller teams are responsible for more parts of development, whereas, within enterprise teams, everyone has a specific task. That often works overwhelmingly, JetBrains sees.

An intuitive user design would have been chosen, providing developers with recommendations and tips while configuring pipelines. In addition, the tool works automatically. There is, for example, a built-in tool to optimize the pipelines, which is based on the JetBrains TeamCity CI/CD engine. Finally, the company indicates that files of the YAML programming language are supported.

Support for JetBrains IDEs will be added soon, relieving developers from switching between different programming environments.


TeamCity Pipelines is currently available as a public beta. Developers should sign up for it using this link.

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