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Dell subsidiary Boomi is bringing AtomSphere to the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. The iPaaS platform should make data migration faster and cheaper.

Boomi AtomSphere is a low-code iPaas platform that allows users to integrate pre-built connectors with legacy and data applications via AWS. The company aims to help customers accelerate data migration in cost-effective ways through application- and event-driven integrations, data synchronisation and data management.

“AWS Marketplace provides customers with simplified purchase options as well as convenient offers for organizations seeking to migrate and integrate data across SaaS applications, on-premises systems, and AWS,” said Will Corkery, Chief Revenue Officer, Boomi. “Boomi’s availability in AWS Marketplace underscores our commitment to meet the growing demands tied to application and event-driven data integration needs of customers using AWS services.”

Another new capability for customers using Boomi AtomSphere within AWS is Boomi Atom in AWS Quick Start. This is a runtime engine that integrates external data sources with AWS Services. This makes it easy to set up a Boomi Atom environment within AWS.

Substantial increase in customer base

Boomialso takes the opportunity to mention that its customer base is growing rapidly. The company already has 15,000 customers worldwide. “As digital transformation has become imperative to survival, data is an organisation’s most valuable tool,” says Chris McNabb, CEO at Boomi. “Combined with a seamless user experience, data allows you to remain distinctive and competitive, increase revenue and develop new, innovative services like no other. Companies around the world choose Boomi because we help them get value from their data easier and faster than anyone else.”

Possibly not part of Dell for long

Despite Boomi’s rapid growth, its continued existence as a subsidiary of Dell Technologies is not certain. According to rumours, Dell wants to divest the branch in order to become more flexible and to be able to pay off outstanding debts. Boomi would then end up with private equity firms or other companies looking to expand their cloud-related offerings. Dell has taken the same approach with VMware.