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CloudLinux has built a support model around the AlmaLinux distribution. This allows companies that were dependent on CentOS to continue using Linux on a comparable basis.

AlmaLinux fulfils a similar role as CentOS did until recently. It is a binary compatible fork of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), but without the need to pay for a support package. This allows handy system administrators to use the Linux distribution for free. Users could get help from the community or, if they really did not know what to do, they could turn to Red Hat.

Spiritual successor to CentOS

In December 2020, however, Red Hat pulled the plug on the project. The CentOS name still exists, but it is now used for a rolling release version of RHEL called CentOS Stream. As an alternative, AlmaLinux was swiftly created. This is a direct fork of RHEL, available for free with community support.

Support for business

The only thing AlmaLinux lacked compared to CentOS was a way to get reliable support bases on a contract. This is indispensable for business applications of the operating system. CloudLinux, the company behind the CloudLinux OS, has now jumped into this gap.

In addition to the usual support services for Linux, CloudLinux also offers a premium support layer for businesses that need higher-level support. These services include direct assistance with an AlmaLinux data centre, or help setting up commercial products and services based on AlmaLinux. CloudLinux offers ten years of support for AlmaLinux.

Amazing use cases

“Since launch, we’ve received tremendous interest and support from both the community as well as many commercial vendors, many of whom have begun using AlmaLinux OS for some pretty amazing use cases,” said Jack Aboutboul, community manager of AlmaLinux. “Our thriving community has supported each other since day one which led to rapid adoption amongst organizations and requests for commercial support.”

AlmaLinux OS Support Services will be released this month.

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