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Honeywell and SAP launched a cloud platform combining operational and financial data, which they have named Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations. The companies outlined the collaboration in 2020. It was geared toward the production of tools that would bring together information from various systems and IoTs and business data.

Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations is built for real estate managers, owners, and operators. It helps them track building performance using a scorecard that has IT data, operational data, a variety of metrics, and occupant details.

What’s in Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations?

Honeywell has been expanding its real estate software products and recently purchased Sine, a company that specializes in mobile software to track people and asset flow in buildings. Features in the Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations include:

  • Readiness data like capital costs, open services cases, and availability.
  • Safety information like air quality, compliance with safety rules, capacity limits, and more.
  • Energy consumption records.
  • Dashboards to track the financial health of building portfolios and identification of underperforming locations.
  • Experience data for utilization metrics and occupants.

On top of all that, it is going to be integrated with Sine, which will offer users even more accessibility to their portfolios.

An important release

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 tech company that makes industry-specific solutions for a variety of products in aerospace, control tech for industry and buildings, as well as performance materials all over the world.

As the commercial real estate market moves to a frictionless experience, the release of a product like this can change how real estate is monitored.

With the changing requirements in security, compliance, and safety, the solutions created must be able to deliver functionalities needed to dynamically change and adapt to the new digital transformation spurred by the pandemic.