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Apple developers will get new APIs that include Object Capture and concurrency for Xcode Cloud and Swift to make workflows simpler. The developer tools arrive as Apple’s App Store comes under fire from developers like Epic Games, concerning monetization.

The iPhone maker announced this during WWDC2021 and noted that it paid $230 billion to developers, and is adding more features to the App Store, to help creators market themselves more and more efficiently.  

Details about the developers’ tools will come out in subsequent WWDC 2021 this week, with major highlights expected.

The highlights

The developer tools include:

  • Object Capture – With this, developers can create 3D objects from 2D photos in minutes. With iPad and iPhone images, MacOS Monterrey will import photos into Cinema 4D and generate an augmented reality preview. Wayfair is one of the customers cite. Object Capture is a feature in RealityKit 2.
  • Swift – Apple’s programming language will get concurrency to make apps responsive to user input and work in the background. Concurrency will help developers take advantage of multi-core processes. SwiftUI is also boosting UI development, using low-code tools for faster development.
  • Xcode Cloud – will launch a code workflow tool that will only store products but enable developers to scale across the Apple product line with easier testing, due to better features to find and fix problems. The main agenda is to give developers everything in one place so they do not have to switch between apps when building, testing, or distributing. Xcode 13 has Xcode Cloud built into it.
  • In-App Events and Custom Pages – These will enable developers to experience better targeting and connect with users. Developers will be able to show users app events.

As the week unfolds, there’s more to come out of WWDC 2021.