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JFrog acquires Vdoo to secure the complete development life cycle

JFrog acquires Vdoo to secure the complete development life cycle

The first company to develop a binary code management repository for developers, JFrog, announced that it is acquiring Vdoo, a Tel Aviv-based company. The DevOps platform maker will pay for the acquisition using a cash and stocks deal valued at around $300 million.

Vdoo is known for making an integrated security platform for connected, embedded, and IoT devices. JFrog’s founder and CEO, Shlomi Ben Haim, spoke to ZDNet about the deal, adding that Vdoo’s intellectual property is important to his company’s efforts to develop the next generation of security offerings for DevOps users.

The company is responding to a disruption in the market, which now wants continuous software delivery. Ben Haim said that both companies are focused on protecting binary code in enterprise IT systems, which hackers love to target.

DevOps is a set of standard practices that combine IT operations and software development to shorten a system’s development life cycle and provide continuous delivery using high-quality software. A new segment has arisen, named ‘liquid software,’ which is affiliated to DevOps.

Greasing the processes

Liquid software describes the flow of software packages from the time they are created to when they are deployed. Where software companies years ago used to publish one or two updates a year, they now have updates and patches whenever needed- up to several times a day.

Because of this, new security is needed. The existing security tools cause unnecessary friction between devs teams and security teams, given the multiple updates needed these days.

Ben Haim expects that JFrog will integrate Vdoo’s technology fully into its DevOps platform to make an all-in-one secured platform by 2022, to alleviate the problem.