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Python version 3.10.0b4 was released on Saturday, which is unusual. This is the last of the planned beta releases, meaning that the next pre-release will be the first release candidate of Python 3.10.0.

As detailed in Python Insider, the goal is to have no ABI changes after this beta and a few changes in the code as possible, after 3.10.0rc1. The final release is approaching now and could be available in a few months.

What users are getting here is a beta preview of Python 3.10, which is still in development and is yet to be released.

Test it

Beta release previews are meant to allow the wider community to test the new features and check out bug fixes. They can use this information to prepare for projects they have in the pipeline, requiring feature releases in the official version 3.10 release.

Python Insider’s post says that maintainers of third-party projects are strongly encouraged to test with 3.10 during the beta phase and report issues they may find using the Python bug tracker, at https://bugs.python.org/, as soon as possible.

Some changes could be made, though that is unlikely.  

The plan for the release

Up until the start of the release candidate phase (scheduled to happen on Monday, 2nd, August later this year), it is possible that some features could be modified, and in some rare cases, deleted. The goal for the team behind Python is to have no ABI changes after beta 4, and a few changes in code as possible after the first release candidate.

To achieve that goal, it is very important to get as much exposure for 3.10 as possible, in its beta phase.

Users who may want to test it are advised that the preview release is not recommended for use in production environments.