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Datadog completes acquisition of Ozcode

Datadog completes acquisition of Ozcode

The move allows Datadog to add live debugging capabilities to provide visibility into production code

Datadog announced this week that it has completed the acquisition of Ozcode, a live debugging solution. The Oz`code tool provides code-level observability in production environments. With Ozcode, Datadog’s customers can accelerate software development and reduce the mean time it takes to resolve issues.

Software debugging has traditionally been restricted to pre-production environments. As a result, when errors do occur in production, engineering teams have to resort to analyzing countless logs. In some cases, they also have to replicate the issues in their pre-production environments to investigate.

This cumbersome process increases the time it takes to identify the root cause of issues and resolve them. Ozcode’s live debugging solution enables customers to rapidly instrument and resolve these errors in production systems. Moreover, the tool does this without the need to invest time and resources to replicate these issues in pre-production environments.

Speeding up the debugging process

The Ozcode tool leverages time-travel debugging and dynamic logging to enable efficient and collaborative troubleshooting. In addition, it can troubleshoot code in both production and pre-production environments.

“Modern organizations are under pressure to increase the speed and frequency of their releases,” said Renaud Boutet, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Datadog. “With Ozcode, Datadog will help developers troubleshoot issues directly in production by finding the specific line of code where a problem has occurred. This will help reduce their mean time to resolution, accelerate software delivery and create a better end-user experience.”

“Our vision at Ozcode has always been to reinvent debugging and give developers the tools they need to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues so that they have more time to craft high-quality code,” said Shimon Hason, CEO, Ozcode. “We’re excited to join Datadog and continue building on our vision of code-level observability.”

Ozcode issued a statement on their website about the deal. “We are extremely excited by the opportunity to build an even better product on top of the Datadog platform.” they wrote.

They also said they would “deliver on the promise of code-level observability by tightly integrating live debugging into Datadog’s existing product offerings.”