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Microsoft moves Visual Studio Code (VSC) 2022 and the final version of .NET from preview to general availability.

With the final arrival of VSC 2022 v17.0, developers gain access to a 64-bit version of the platform for the first time. This 64-bit version should provide more opportunities to utilize all system resources, which is especially beneficial when developing solutions for an extended period of time. For example, VSC 2022 allows developers to run the platform for days on end, even with solutions that span more than 700 projects.

Other new functionality involves improvements for editing and debugging. For example, the Hot Reload tool helps developers edit their source code while apps are running in VSC 2022. Also, on Linux, previewing and testing were made possible. VSC 2022 is available immediately.

.NET 6

Furthermore, .NET 6 has become generally available for Windows, macOS and Linux. This version allows cloud, desktop, IoT and mobile environments to use one platform with the same .NET libraries and capabilities for sharing code universally.

.NET 6 is the first edition of the platform to support Apple’s Arm64-based processors. The platform also supports Arm64-based Windows processors. Additional introductions include functionality to improve I/O performance, new compiler tooling, and many new APIs. The release also features C# 10 and F#.

According to Microsoft, .NET 6 release will receive longer-term support or three years. The release does not currently have .NET MAUI functionality. Its general availability is expected no earlier than the second quarter of 2022.