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Twitter launched an update to provide developers more access to its social media platform’s data. The process of developing solutions for conducting secure Twitter conversations and content management stands to benefit.

For several years, Twitter has wanted to make it easier for end users to decide for themselves what content they see in their Twitter feeds. The social media giant also intends to allow users to use new inputs for sharing their content on the platform. To this end, developers gain free access to between 500,000 and 2 million Twitter messages per month via the new Twitter API v2. With this data, they can then develop applications that allow them to customize the flow of Twitter messages to their own interests. The Twitter API v2 is now available.

More use cases

Twitter will also open up more use cases for its data through an update to its Developer Policy. The update allows developers to use Twitter data to create applications that, on the surface, compete directly with Twitter itself. Think, for example, of services such as Block Party that enable Twitter users to filter out content that they do not want to see. Parties will also soon be able to more effectively develop tools for searching Twitter messages and related services such as the live audio environment Twitter Spaces.


By providing further access to data, Twitter responds to increasing transparency demands that various social media platforms face. Said pressure revolves around the use of algorithms to highlight specific content. Opening up data resources to third-party developers could prove to lighten demands.