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Commercetools acquires Frontastic. Through the acquisition, commercetools strengthens its portfolio with a front- and backend development tool.

Commercetools develops a headless commerce platform. Trade term ‘headless’ defines platforms that separate the frontend and backend of applications and primarily connect them via APIs. The ‘commerce’ in commercetools refers to a suite of applications for creating and managing the front- and backend of ecommerce websites.

Adaptability is one of the benefits of a headless approach. A layout change to a frontend page does not necessitate adjustments in the backend, as the API connections between backend and frontend remain unchanged. In this light, commercetools’ acquisition of Frontastic should come as no surprise. The latter developer’s software includes a command-line and visual interface for building commerce websites, API hub to blend into an existing environment, and DevOps tools for deploying website pages and apps.

(Limited) impact

Although Frontastic and commercetools have worked together for years, the acquisition enables commercetools to present and deliver Frontastic as an integral part of its product line. The organization states that the acquisition contributes to its goal of providing large, global companies with a broader ecommerce portfolio.

Tip: Commercetools wants to stand out with the MACH approach