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HackerEarth, a developer hiring platform, conducted a survey that revealed that back-end developers top the list of in-demand tech jobs/ That means back-end developers could be in a great place if they know PHP, Python, Java, and .NET, as companies are looking to onboard talent to serve the hybrid workforce.

Front-end and back-end developers maintain websites but have different requirements that vary across programming languages, skills needed, and technologies used.

HackerEarth surveyed 2,500 engineering managers and HR professionals from 79 countries to find out which jobs are in demand in the next year.

The report

The survey showed that about 30% of recruiters are looking to fill about 100 roles, noting that 2021-22 will be “a candidate market.” The highest demand is for back-end developers (mentioned by 18%), while 15% of recruiters say they would like to hire front-end developers.

For both, JavaScript is identified as a valuable skill to have, while Python could be great for those working on machine learning and back-end development.

Recruiters are also looking for developers with AI skills and machine learning (mentioned by 13%). Other top categories include data science, cybersecurity, blockchain technologies, and IoT.

Compromises may be made

Engineering managers are also in a rush. Over 30% said they would not compromise on candidate quality to fill the available roles, while 35% said they would compromise to hire faster.

Early-career hires are required to have ‘problem-solving skills as part of their repertoire. However, writing clean, refined code is more important when hiring workers with 1-2 years of experience.

Systems architecture is only a consideration for those who have six years of experience. Many companies are in a hurry to hire to facilitate the increasingly digital nature of modern work, which has also come under fire from hacker(s) activities.