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Red Hat recently launched a beta version of its managed Image Builder service. This allows developers to better streamline their processes for creating custom Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) images for hybrid cloud environments.

According to the open-source and hybrid cloud specialist, the now announced managed service for RHEL should help developers simplify building and installing operating systems for hybrid cloud infrastructure for public and private cloud environments. With the automation of Image Builder, they avoid an often error-prone process.

Image Builder Functionality

The now released managed tool Image Builder provides a single and consistent platform that requires no setup or underlying infrastructure. The tool can be applied to all RHEL system images. This eliminates the need for developers to think about which cloud environment or virtual guest agents to install. With its own fixed package set, any deployment environment can be defined.

A created RHEL image can be copied directly to the customer’s account and deployed in workflows. The tool also features an automatic registration option for updates.

Future functionality

The current beta version of Image Builder now builds a recommended RHEL server image for AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud by default. In addition, the service is available for installation in on-premises environments. Support for VMware vSphere, among others, is expected in subsequent releases.

Other future capabilities include downloadable images and installation media for physical servers, custom file system layouts and enabling the creation of images for other versions of RHEL.

The Red Hat Image Builder beta is available immediately in the beta version of the Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console.