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Azul Systems, a provider of a Java-based platform for cloud services, recently introduced its Intelligence Cloud portfolio. An important part of this portfolio is the newly introduced Kubernetes-based ‘Cloud Native Compiler’ for Java.

With its Intelligence Cloud portfolio, the cloud-based Java specialist aims to add more intelligence to its existing platform solution for big data. This will give this platform more functionality for analyzing and optimizing large amounts of Java code.

Cloud Native Compiler

By introducing the Kubernetes-based compiler, Azul Systems wants to improve production Java runtimes. As it stands, these runtimes often poperate as isolated and self-sufficient units. The cloud-based solution makes it possible to separate Just in Time (JIT) compilation from the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Furthermore, it’s compatible with all Java-based applications.

The solution works closely with the Azul Platform Prime, a high-performance Java runtime. In addition, the compiler offers scalability and uses previously optimized compilations between JVMs. This should improve performance and startup times for all JVMs it connects to.

Other benefits

Other benefits include cost savings and application optimization. The latter extends to scripts in any JVM-based languages, such as Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, Apache Groovy and JRuby.

Furthermore, Azul Cloud Native Compiler helps improve JVM-based infrastructure workloads for big data and DBMS like Apache Cassandra, enterprise search like Apache Solr, Elasticsearch and event stream processing (Apache Kafka).

Azul Platform Prime customers can use the compiler for free.