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Red Hat has released an update to Migration Toolkit for Applications that makes it easier to migrate Java applications to Quarkus. This allows Java applications to run in Kubernetes environments.

Developers can use Red Hat Migration Toolkit for Applications to convert Java applications to run on Quarkus. Quarkus is a framework that Red Hat released last year to optimise Java applications to run in containers.


Another new feature in Red Hat Runtimes is support for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) expansion pack 2.0. This expansion adds the ability to add bootable JAR files to applications based on the MicroProfile framework.

OpenShift Serverless

Red Hat is also making available a preview of OpenShift Serverless 1.11 with support for Quarkus and Node.js. This should make it easier to develop for serverless systems that support Knative.

IBM Power Systems

Red Hat is aiming to get most components of Red Hat Runtimes running on servers equipped with IBM’s POWER processors. The organisation has made a number of new distributions available for the platform.

Tip: Red Hat makes Java more suitable for cloud-native development