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Microsoft has presented its Visual Studio Code roadmap for 2022. Java updates are central to the plan.

This year, Microsoft is focussing on enhancements to improve the day-to-day productivity of developers. Expected updates include improved code completion suggestions, generating more relevant code snippets and providing different shortcuts based on user preferences. There will also be more debugging features.

Other updates focus on performance and reliability. This includes greater reliability of the Java Language Server. Among other things, Microsoft will reduce the number of instances on which the Java Language Server becomes inaccessible.

There will also be new features for various Java extensions: core Java, Gradle for Java, Maven and Spring. The latter should make it easier to create workflows for Spring projects and visualize Spring concepts.

Focus on cloud-native integration

Furthermore, Visual Studio Code is being integrated with multiple cloud-native environments such as Kubernetes. Microsoft also plans to introduce more interaction between Visual Studio Code and other cloud services, such as Azure Spring Cloud. Remote development extensions for Visual Code and GitHub Codespaces should make cloud-native development more attractive to Java developers.