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Apple Swift Playgrounds v4 brings code previewing and autocompletion

Apple Swift Playgrounds v4 brings code previewing and autocompletion

Apple releases version 4 of Apple Swift Playgrounds. The tool is primarily designed to teach a younger audience how to program in Apple’s Swift programming language. Swift is suited for iPhone and iPad app development.

With the latest version of Swift Playgrounds, developers can get a headstart in Apple’s open-source Swift language. Swift provides an easy platform for developing iPhone and iPad applications. The integrated development environment (IDE) runs on iPads, removing the pre-requisite of an iOS laptop or desktop.

Real-time code preview

The tool provides all the functionality for visual design with the SwiftUI. In addition, development projects can be opened and modified in Swift Playgrounds or Xcode. In version 4, a real-time code preview is introduced to preview code changes in applications. The functionality is available for projects shared within iCloud, allowing multiple people to work and preview a project simultaneously.


The latest version also allows developers to upload their code to the App Store. Another addition is smart inline suggestions for code, making speeding programming and the learning of syntax.

Furthermore, Swift Playgrounds v4 introduces a Snippets Library. Its contents are hundreds of user-friendly SwiftUI controls, symbols and colours, allowing a headstart on interface design.

Version 4 of Swift Playgrounds requires the latest version of iPadOS, version 15.2. The tool can be downloaded for free from the App Store and is also available for Mac desktops and laptops.