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Nvida has acquired Bright Computing, a company dedicated to managing High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. The acquisition promises customers more options for accelerated computing.

Bright Computing’s software automates the large-scale management of HPC clusters. For this purpose, the software platform supports both Arm- and x86-based GPUs. The software can be deployed anywhere, in (on-premises) data centers, in public cloud environments and at the edge of the network.


According to Nvidia, the acquisition of Bright Computing is a natural step. Nvidia and Bright Computing have long worked together. Nvidia GPUs see frequent use for performing HPC tasks such as AI calculations.

The acquisition of Bright Computing should allow Nvidia to build complete HPC infrastructure platforms. These platforms should further stimulate the adoption of accelerated computing by large companies.

The Bright Cluster Manager platform will be integrated into Nvidia’s own HPC software stack. According to the chip and AI giant, this makes it easier for enterprise companies to buy, build and run HPC data centers.

HPC at industrial scale

Furthermore, the acquisition of Bright Computing helps Nvidia realize the ‘era of HPC at an industrial scale’. The chip giant wants to put HPC clusters at the heart of large-scale computing power environments within companies’ data centers, public cloud or edge environments.