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NTT Application Security launches Vantage Prevent, a solution for testing applications in the development phase. The tool is part of the WhiteHat Vantage Platform.

Vantage Prevent helps companies with dynamic application security testing (DAST). This allows developers to test applications for vulnerabilities at any stage of the development process. It should prevent deployed software from containing vulnerabilities.

Revival of DevSecOps

In the vendor’s eyes, Vantage Prevent ensures that DevSecOps is at the core of the development process. The tool helps developers perform functional and quality tests to identify potential security risks in their web applications and APIs. Vantage Prevent also helps DevOps specialists automate security testing in CI/CD pipelines. Additionally, security specialists can use the tool to investigate reported vulnerabilities in applications and APIs.


Functionality includes dynamic testing, developer-driven DAST and native API testing without the need for API documentation. The tool is language- and interface-agnostic, allowing any API and single- and multi-page web application to be tested. Furthermore, incremental testing can be done in a local dev environment.

Part of the WhiteHat Platform

The Vantage Prevent tool is the second solution in the WhiteHat Vantage Platform, which was launched at the end of last year. The platform is intended to enable companies to swiftly control application security through a stack of three testing solutions. It features a robust API that enables integrations with developers’ existing security tools. This should help streamline workflows, automate app security testing, and provide insights through three specialized solutions. By the end of the first quarter of this year, the third and final solution should be released. Details on its functionality are unknown at this time.