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Kubernetes 1.24 is available. The version comes with new functionality and enhancements.

Kubernetes 1.24, also known as Stargazer, features a total of 46 new enhancements. Of these improvements, fourteen are stable, fifteen are in a beta version and thirteen are available in an alpha version.

Kubernetes’ developers see version 1.24 as an important update. Especially now that more and more companies are using the container orchestration platform. Companies often use different versions of Kubernetes interchangeably in their environments. Version 1.24 is supposed to centralize adoption.

Kubernetes 1.24

Firstly, Kubernetes 1.24 no longer supports the dockershim interface. Support has been phased out since version 1.20. Now, it’s discontinued altogether. Dockershim makes it possible to run the DockerEngine runtime on Kubernetes clusters. To do so in 1.24, developers must now use other supported runtimes such as containerd, CRI-O or cri-dockerd.

Furthermore, Kubernetes now supports encrypted software artefact signing. This should enable end users to verify the authenticity and integrity of a distribution. According to Kubernetes’ developers, the functionality should primarily boost software supply chain security for end users.

Furthermore, beta APIs are no longer automatically enabled. Existing beta APIs remain enabled by default. Also, it’s now possible to publish Kubernetes APIs in the OpenAPI v3 format.

Other new functionality in Kubernetes 1.24 includes storage options, secure login data retrieval options, contextual logging and management options for IP addresses.

Kubernetes version 1.24 is available immediately.

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