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Docker Desktop 4.7 fixes ‘dockershim’ problem

Docker Desktop 4.7 fixes ‘dockershim’ problem

Docker released Docker Desktop 4.7. Most importantly, container images using ‘dockershim’ no longer require the module for the latest Kubernetes version.

Early versions of Kubernetes created containers directly using a Docker API. For this, a function called dockershim was used to form a bridge between the internal Kubernetes APIs and the Docker API.

Over time, a better solution was developed: the container runtime interface (CRI). Resultingly, support for dockershim was phased out in the latest versions of Kubernetes. This brought challenges for developers running clusters that need both dockershim and CRI.

Docker Desktop 4.7

The arrival of Docker Desktop 4.7 simplifies things. In this release, developers no longer need to make adjustments. Docker supports both dockershim and CRI in Kubernetes 1.24.

In addition, provided the Docker engine is still installed on the Kubernetes worker node, it’s now possible to ‘bind-mount’ the Docker socket like before. It’s no longer necessary to use the Docker runtime for a remote Kubernetes cluster.

Tip: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is now available