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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is now available

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is now available

Ubuntu’s latest long term support version is available.

Software company Canonical manages all changes and additions to the operating system. The most recent version (22.04) has been published.

What’s new in Ubuntu

Ubuntu regularly runs in public clouds. Hence, the release brings support for Azure Confidential VMs. Additionally, the operating system was optimized for AWS Graviton and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

In addition, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS introduces several updates for Ubuntu Desktop. For the first time, the operating system is supported on every Raspberry Pi device. Furthermore, Canonical collaborated with Dell to support Precision Workstations on the Windows version of Ubuntu (Ubuntu WSL).

From 22.04 onwards, Canonical is approaching security from a new angle. Future CVE vulnerabilities are published in an OVAL stream and the audit software of various security vendors.

Data science

The release also includes native Nvidia vGPU drivers for data scientists. The new drivers speed up GPU-intensive workloads in virtual machines running 22.04. Moreover, the OS can now be found on Nvidia’s DGX systems and the AI Enterprise platform.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is available as a container image on the Docker Hub. Canonical also maintains multiple container images of stable Ubuntu apps. All existing container images will be updated to match 22.04. Lastly, Canonical will shortly add new container images, including Grafana Loki, Apache Kafka and Apache Cassandra.

In addition to the Docker Hub, you can find the update on the Ubuntu Downloads page and all major public clouds.

Tip: Canonical will support older Ubuntu LTS versions a few years longer