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Cloudflare is collaborating with partners to develop new, open API standards. The newly established Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group sets out to unify three JavaScript-based runtimes into one set of API standards.

The reason for the collaboration between Cloudflare, Deno and other Node.js developers is that there are currently three different JavaScript runtimes for API development in circulation. Because applications for code transfers between Cloudflare Workers, Deno and Node.js need to be rewritten regularly, developers have a limited choice of JavaScript runtimes for their applications. This leads to irritation, costs and inefficient use of resources.


The Web-interoperable Runtimes Community Group, supported by user organisations like NearForm and Vercel, will develop API standards to offer developers more choice among runtimes. This saves them from having to rewrite their applications as they move between Cloudflare Workers, Deno and Node.js. The idea is that code written in one environment will also work in the other.


The new API standards should allow developers to use the optimal tool or framework. This way, they can more easily use various tools and integrations for runtimes. In addition, there will be a standard method of writing server-side code. This means that developers no longer need to focus on the nuances of platforms and learning new platforms. Developers can focus entirely on functionality and delivering better code.

Furthermore, the API standards should help with the relocation of applications. Sometimes, technology changes the conditions that applications have to meet. The joint standards prevent developers from rewriting large amounts of applications or switching vendors.

It is not known when the standards will become available.

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