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Mendix and Capgemini are collaborating on solutions for the insurance sector.

The collaboration extends an existing partnership between Mendix and Capgemini. The companies are introducing two solutions for streamlining and digitizing insurance processes.

The first, Direct to Consumer (D2C) is a framework that allows insurance agencies to quickly deliver customer-oriented solutions. These include personalized screens that adapt to market opportunities, such as pet insurance, warranties and personal liability.

Support for employees

The Property & Casualty Underwriting Workbench solution helps front-end staff connect directly to back-end systems, allowing better task and workflow management. All customer insights are centralized to provide different departments and agencies with a 360-degree view.

Mendix and Capgemini based the solution on new connectors that merge various data environments and flows. All data becomes accessible to Mendix’s low-code platform, which allows insurers to quickly develop and deploy apps.

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