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In a press release, Mendix introduces a single sign-on (SSO) solution, called MendixSSO. The solution is based on the OpenID Connect framework, which should make it easier to integrate multiple applications.

OpenID Connect uses Identity Propagation, a technique that builds secure and personalised interfaces between applications. It also makes it possible to check very specifically which resources are available to which users. In addition, usage statistics are available.

MendixSSO is configured in Mendix Studio when an app is published from Studio. This way, developers no longer have to make an effort to activate SSO in apps, because it happens automatically when apps are rolled out. If an existing app does not have an SSO module, it can be added by following the steps explained by Mendix in the version documentation.

SVG support

In addition to the SSO update, Mendix 8.4 adds support for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files in mobile apps. These SVG files can also be used as icons, for example for buttons in menus or navigation. By definition, this means that in fact all possible icons could potentially be used by developers.

Over-the-air updates

The release of apps to app stores such as Google Play or the App Store is also made easier with version 8.4, as over-the-air updates are possible. This means that updates to apps no longer need to be rolled out via app stores, which saves a lot of time and effort. Users simply receive a notification, and can then update for the new features or improvements.

If app updates only affect the front end, they can even be installed without having to roll anything out to the cloud. In addition, updates can only be rolled out to a certain percentage of users, so that a kind of beta test can be done. If something doesn’t work, the update can be quickly reversed.