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Datadog acquires API observability startup Seekret. Datadog aims to add more management and monitoring functionality to its platform.

The number of APIs is rapidly increasing within enterprise environments. This often leads to cluttered application landscapes, making it difficult for development teams to maintain an overview. It’s difficult to keep track of API dependencies, health status, availability and dependencies. And, of course, how these APIs affect the final user experience.

Seekret platform

With the acquisition of Seekret, Datadog wants to create oversight. Seekret offers a platform that focuses on giving API landscapes more observability. The platform helps developers find, manage and monitor their APIs faster. The platform also automates the discovery process of private and public APIs and the interdependencies between them. The platform also ensures that the documentation about APIs remains up-to-date when APIs change.

Integration into Datadog Platform

Datadog plans to integrate the functionality of the Seekret platform into its monitoring and management platform. The Datadog platform should thus offer more capabilities for API observability, governance and automating the complete API lifecycle. In addition to observability, the integration should also offer Datadog’s customers functionality for API security and collaboration.

Tip: Datadog Observability Pipelines provide visibility into observability data