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According to IEEE Spectrum’s latest survey, Python is the most popular programming language of 2022 while SQL skills are the highest in demand.

EEE Spectrum conducts an annual survey of the most popular and sought-after programming languages. Python, C and C++ emerged as the three most popular languages of 2022. The three most sought-after languages were SQL, Java and Python.

The organization calculates the most popular languages by scanning the Internet for keywords. The most popular language is the language that’s most often discussed on major platforms, including Twitter, Stack Overflow and GitHub. The most sought-after language is the language that’s most often mentioned in job postings on IEEE Job Site and CareerBuilder.

Career choices

The most popular language is rarely the most sought-after language. Although SQL was most frequently requested in job postings, both Java, C#, C++, C and Python appear to be more popular. The supply of SQL developers seems smaller than the demand.

The survey results provide guidance in career choices. Developers in need of job security do well to brush up on SQL skills. Python is also a strong option. The language appears in both the top three most popular and top three most sought-after languages.

The opposite is true for C. The language was the second-most popular of 2022, but less sought-after than JavaScript, Python, Java and SQL. The supply of C developers seems to exceed the demand.

SQL is complimentary

According to the researchers, SQL skills are often requested as a complement to a primary language. You don’t have to be an SQL expert to benefit from the trend. The combination of basic SQL skills and expertise in a high-demand language is valuable.

The researchers presume that demand for SQL is rising due to more and more applications connecting to an external back-end database. Proficiency with SQL makes it possible to set up the back-end of an application with an SQL implementation. The method is relatively fast. Employers value speed, so employers value SQL.

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