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Zscaler and HashiCorp have announced joint security integrations for DevOps environments.

Integrated security solutions for DevOps environments, also known as DevSecOps, are booming. The solutions allow companies to apply and control security from within an application development environment.

Yet, much of this functionality is based on legacy security technology and monolithic software stacks that don’t easily integrate with modern application development platforms. This can lead to several problems, including the concept of CI/CD being abandoned.

Integrations Zscaler and HashiCorp Terraform

Zscaler and HashiCorp are tackling the issue. The partners jointly developed new integrations that should ensure security is consistently applied to all aspects of the application development process.

According to both companies, the integrations should help companies adopt Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaC) as part of their CI/CD pipelines. The integrations aim to reduce friction between development and security teams, speed up application deployment and improve security postures.

To this end, Zscaler has integrated its Posture Control solution with HashiCorp’s various open-source IaC Terraform solutions. This allows companies to manage two underlying services of the Zscaler Zero Trust platform via Terraform. Customers get a single environment to create, edit and delete infrastructure resources in the Zscaler platform.

For companies that use the Terraform platform to manage other parts of their cloud infrastructure, the integration provides an efficient way to manage their Zscaler platforms and centralize the configuration of all their (cloud) environments in a single environment.


The integrations apply to the Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) solutions. The Zscaler platform provides administrators with flexible management capabilities to through an easy-to-use user interface and API.

The same management capabilities can be performed in Terraform. Every change is immediately deployed to the ZPA and ZIA platforms. Admins can configure environments without having to write code.

The integrations are now generally available in the Terraform registry.

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