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SCOS released the i-Vertix Suite in the Benelux. The suite consists of three separate solutions for large-scale network, log and asset management.

i-Vertix is an Italian software developer for large organizations and MSPs. Its offering consists of three separate tools. Software vendor SCOS recently made the solutions available in the Benelux.


i-Vertix IT Network Management provides a central monitoring environment for all systems in an infrastructure, including network devices, servers, operating systems, VMs and databases. Hundreds of network devices can be configured with prebuilt templates. Administrators receive alerts on network issues and notable events.

i-Vertix Log & Data Management allows organizations to analyze log files in visual dashboards. The solution supports dozens of log sources and formats. Log analysis is a complex process, but i-Vertix’s visual interface makes analysis tasks accessible to a variety of users.

Finally, i-Vertix IT Asset Management & Inventory detects and registers all software and hardware in an environment. The solution allows administrators to oversee licensing terms at scale. In addition, the tool provides insight into the usage and lifecycle of systems.


SCOS supplies software to several top-100 companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The offering primarily consists of solutions for file transfers, security and network monitoring. In addition, SCOS is known for its Wireshark training courses. One of the courses trains security professionals in analyzing network packets to investigate cyberattacks.

In addition to software from i-Vertix, SCOS provides file transfer solutions from Thru, security software from Progress and a network troubleshooting tool from Allegro Packets. The nationalities of the software developers vary. Thru operates in the United States while Allegro Packets calls Germany home. SCOS makes the software available to organizations in the Benelux.

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