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Domotz and Netgear announced a partnership. Netgear’s network devices now support Domotz’s network management software.

Domotz develops a network monitoring and management solution. The system is based on a software agent. Customers deploy the agent on a Windows, Linux, NAS or network device in the network they want to monitor. Users receive an overview of all endpoints in the environment, insight into network traffic and configuration options for network devices.

Domotz collaborates with multiple network vendors, including Cisco, Ubiquiti and Ruckus. Partners’ access points, routers and switches support Domotz’s software, allowing the solution to configure devices and view detailed data. The newest partner is Netgear. The organization announced that its access points, routers and switches were modified to support Domotz.

Netgear and Domotz

Domotz’s software is now usable for port mapping, PoE control and configuration backups in Netgear switches. In addition, the software supports end-point mapping, WAP reboots and signal strength indications in Netgear access points and Netgear Orbi Pro routers. “The integration allows Domotz users to add and manage a wide range of Netgear devices to their existing networks quickly and easily”, Netgear said.

Domotz doesn’t necessarily need integrations or collaborations to function. The software recognizes every endpoint on a network, regardless of the device’s type or manufacturer. The overview allows users to identify new and unknown devices. Some monitoring and management features are exclusively available for partners’ network devices. The new partnership allows Domotz to view and configure Netgear devices in detail.


Domotz is primarily used by managed service providers (MSPs). The software is relatively user-friendly, allowing employees to monitor networks without going through months of training. In addition to network manufacturers, Domotz collaborates with popular software vendors for MSPs, including Datto and Kaseya. The integrations allow network issues to be automatically followed with tickets in Datto Autotask and Kaseya BMS.

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