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Atlassian updates Jira’s Open DevOps solution

Atlassian updates Jira’s Open DevOps solution

Atlassian has updated Jira’s Open DevOps solution. New functionality should improve the communications of teams while providing insight into the software development cycle.

Last year, Atlassian expanded Jira with Open DevOps, a solution that brings the development tooling of Atlassian and partners to a central environment. Open DevOps allows developers to use the tools of their preference in Jira, the company’s flagship project management solution.

Open DevOps now features new functionality to give developers an improved overview of their tooling. Developers reportedly use an average of 25 different tools for their development chain. Atlassian estimates that 10 percent of their time is spent on insight and maintenance. According to the company, developers need an all-in-one solution to cut back on the latter.

Five enhancements

Atlassian added new options in five areas. The foundation is an administrative toolchain page, which provides a central location for creating, managing and visualizing all tools used. The page allows developers to discover integrations for tools, discover and address toolchain gaps and visualize how development work moves through various tools. The toolchain page supports integrations for all phases of the development process.


Developers can apply automation throughout the development lifecycle. This should improve inter-developer communications. Updates made are automatically communicated to developers. Furthermore, insights have been improved. Code repositories like Bitbucket, GitLab and GitHub can now be brought into a single code view. From there, Atlassian provides insights into teams’ work plans and the option to optimize them.

Release management

Another new feature is the release tab. This helps development teams coordinate release management. Information can be pulled from various control management tools, CI/CD pipelines and feature flags, allowing development teams to overview what’s needed to push unpublished software.

Once code is deployed into production environments, the new Compass development hub — which has been available in beta for several months — provides developers with insights into the health status of the software. The CheckOps functionality checks the health status of production components.

Lastly, the Open DevOps tool now features a dark mode. This functionality will be rolled out in 2023.