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GitLab unveiled GitLab Dedicated. The DevOps solution is now available as single-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS). GitLab has long provided multi-tenant SaaS, but single-tenant environments weren’t an option until now.

Most SaaS solutions run in third-party clouds. Single hardware systems are typically used to service multiple customers. This model is known as multi-tenant SaaS.

The counterpart is single-tentant SaaS. In this case, customers receive a private environment. The approach is less cost-effective, but users have more privacy and control over data.

Until recently, DevOps solution GitLab was only available as multi-tenant SaaS. That changed with the release of GitLab Dedicated.

GitLab Dedicated

Customers pay a subscription fee and GitLab manages the DevOps solution in an AWS region of choice. Most AWS regions are supported. GitLab Dedicated offers more configuration and privacy options than existing SaaS implementations. The organization designed the release for customers in heavily regulated industries.

The software is similar to any other implementation of GitLab. Users have access to various tools for developing, deploying and securing software. However, as single-tenant environments are fundamentally different from multi-tenant and on-premises environments, some GitLab features are unavailable. GitLab shared a list of unsupported features on its website.

“Our goal is to meet customers where they are, and we know that no single deployment model will serve the needs of all of our customers”, said David DeSanto, VP of Product at GitLab. “GitLab Dedicated provides organizations additional deployment control, data residency and isolation, and private networking to meet their complex compliance and regulatory needs.”

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